When searching for an actuarial job, many actuaries will enlist the help of a recruitment firm. This option typically involves less stress, is less time-consuming, and has a high success rate. The question then arises – if you are an actuary in Dublin, what’s the best kind of actuarial recruitment firm for you?

First, it makes immense sense to be selective with the recruitment firm you entrust with your future actuarial career. This is a very significant point in your actuarial career. You shouldn’t just choose any firm if you want to maximise your chances of a favourable result. Instead, it is critical that you choose carefully and pick the one that can truly provide the help you require in your actuarial job search.

Some actuaries may engage with an “all round” recruitment firm. One that recruits for all professions. While this type of recruitment company may be staffed with experienced recruitment consultants, this may not be the best option for you.

actuary job DublinWhat you need is an agency that:

  • understands what you do
  • is very familiar with the industries where your actuarial skills are needed
  • knows the various career options available for an actuary like you
  • has access to the widest range of actuarial jobs
  • understands actuarial companies and the differences between them

Does this kind of actuarial recruitment firm even exist in Dublin?

Yes, there are companies which specialise in recruiting actuaries. Acumen Resources, for example, is the top actuarial recruitment agency in Ireland, run by actuaries for actuaries.

So, what sets Acumen Resources apart from other recruitment companies, for an actuarial job search in Dublin? 

I’m glad you asked! Here are just some things that set us apart and help to ensure we are providing the very best service for actuaries in Dublin and Ireland that are considering a move.

  1. We are a team of qualified actuaries with vast practical actuarial experience and actuarial recruitment experience. When you speak with us, the person at the other side of the table is an actuary like you. We understand your actuarial skills, your career options, your need for professionalism and confidentiality, etc. We can therefore provide a 360 degree holistic service where we consider what is the most suitable move for you over the longer term. This may mean helping you to move into an area where you can develop new skills that will be in demand well into the future. Or it could be helping you to find an actuarial role that maximises your earnings potential. We take the time to truly understand what your driving factors are that have led you to seek an actuarial recruitment firm in Dublin the first place.
  2. We have been in business since 1998. With over 20 years’ experience of recruiting actuaries in Dublin and Ireland we have built a very wide actuarial network and a detailed knowledge of the niche actuarial community in Dublin and further afield in Ireland.
  3. We have access to the largest number of actuarial jobs in Dublin and Ireland. It makes sense to keep your options open and to examine all potential jobs that may fit your needs. We strongly suggest using the actuarial recruitment services of a company that has access to the largest number of actuarial jobs in Dublin and Ireland.
  4. We understand actuarial companies and the differences between them. Often, the differences between actuarial companies and jobs are obvious. However, at times the differences may be more subtle. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have the experience and knowledge to really understand actuarial companies and the differences between them.
  5. You can speak with an actuary who is also a certified career coach. One of our Directors, Jenny Johnson BAFS, FIA, FSAI, is a certified Career Coach and holds an Advanced Diploma in Executive, Leadership and Personal Coaching. Career Coaches excel in helping people figure out what kind of job they are most suited to and to help them plan a new career path. A career coach can help develop your leadership and interpersonal skills. Other examples include using a career coach to help develop your conflict-management skills and self-confidence.

actuarial recruitment dublin


Only an actuarial recruitment agency with a proven track record of successfully placing candidates should take charge of your search for a new actuary job.

How do you find out if an agency is reputable or not? You can get information from other actuaries who have used their services. You may go the traditional route and ask people you know.

You can also look for feedback online. Some actuarial recruitment agencies display testimonials from actuaries they’ve successfully placed. Aside from the agency’s website, you can also visit online directories where people post their reviews about various companies or even Google to see if people you know have recommended the company you are entrusting your future career with.

Finding the right actuarial job in Ireland is not an easy task. But if you work with the right actuarial recruitment firm, the entire process can be simpler and quicker, ultimately helping you find the actuarial job that is just right for you.

Entrust your job search to the best actuarial recruitment agency in Dublin – Acumen Resources. Call us now at +353 1 6099 400!