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Actuary Jobs

Responsibilities Actuaries use skills primarily in mathematics, particularly calculus-based probability and mathematical statistics, but also economics, computer science, finance, and business. For this reason, actuaries are essential to the insurance and reinsurance industries, either as staff employees or as consultants; to other businesses, including sponsors of pension plans; and to government agencies such as the Government Actuary's Department in the United Kingdom or the Social Security Administration in the United States of America. Actuaries assemble and analyze data to estimate the probability and likely cost of the occurrence of an event such as death, sickness, injury, disability, or loss of [...]

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Actuary Jobs Dublin: Helping you find an actuarial job

What Is An Actuary Anyway? There is no single definition regarding what an actuary is. Actuaries have been described as financial fortune tellers, business mathematicians, data inspired professional problem solvers, business statisticians and financial astrologers. In a recent popular LinkedIn discussion there was a strong level of agreement with the version put forward by the Society of Actuaries in Ireland: "An actuary is a professional with a skill set to use numbers to make judgments about the future." Whatever definition we use, it's clear that actuaries are professionals with an aptitude towards mathematics and a strong propensity to use their [...]

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Actuary Salary & Actuarial Salary Survey

Are you looking for information on an actuarial salary survey? Most people that have heard of an actuary will probably tell you that actuaries get paid really well. If you Google "actuary salary" or "how much do actuaries get paid" you will likely hear more of the same. But how much do actuaries really get paid? In this article, we examine aspects of an actuary's salary and highlight our own Acumen Resources actuarial salary survey, which we have been running for a number of years now. Whilst actuaries are well known for working in a highly paid lucrative field, [...]

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Actuaries in Ireland: 5 Things to Know

5 THINGS ACTUARIES RELOCATING TO IRELAND SHOULD KNOW Actuaries in Ireland play a significant role in managing the financial well-being of people, organisations, economies and society. It comes as a surprise to many, outside Ireland, to hear that the Republic of Ireland has such a large membership (currently over 1,000 fellows), given our modest population of only 4.8 million. If you are an actuary considering moving to Ireland, below are 5 things you should know about actuaries in Ireland. 1. Actuaries in Ireland have their own actuarial society The Society of Actuaries in Ireland was established in 1972, when [...]

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Reserving Actuary

Reserving Actuary Although many actuaries work in pricing and modelling roles, a large number of actuaries work as a reserving actuary. Essentially the reserving actuary will use their statistical and actuarial knowledge to calculate how much money needs to be set aside to pay future claims. The methodologies used by reserving actuaries include using methods such as run off triangles and chain ladders. Below, we describe a typical job role for a reserving actuary. Reporting into the Head of Actuarial Function, the successful candidate will be a member of the Reserving and Capital Management team. The Actuarial team is [...]

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Actuarial Recruitment Dublin – What’s the Best Kind of Recruitment Firm for Actuaries?

When searching for an actuarial job, many actuaries will enlist the help of a recruitment firm. This option typically involves less stress, is less time-consuming, and has a high success rate. The question then arises - if you are an actuary in Dublin, what's the best kind of actuarial recruitment firm for you? First, it makes immense sense to be selective with the recruitment firm you entrust with your future actuarial career. This is a very significant point in your actuarial career. You shouldn't just choose any firm if you want to maximise your chances of a favourable result. Instead, [...]

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