Jenny is nothing short of a lifesaver. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny at a seminar organised by Acumen resources in University College Cork while I was pursuing my Masters. As a recent Actuarial graduate with no prior work experience in the field I was really struggling with the mammoth task of finding a job in Ireland. I got in touch with Jenny regarding the same and she was extremely supportive throughout the process – from sending out job applications to interview prep. Jenny has a very thorough understanding of the Actuarial market requirements and provided me with resources that helped me gain a better understanding of the level of research that I needed, to put forth a strong job application. When I received a call from Jenny post my first job interview, I remember thinking that she is someone who genuinely cares about your job application. For someone who is looking for a job in the domain, Jenny is undoubtedly your best bet and has my heartfelt recommendation.