Jenny is a rare example of someone in the recruitment circles who actually cares for the candidates she’s pitching – she’s always got the best advice, and I’m hard pressed to actually think of any of the numerous interviews she got me where she didn’t make it a point to call me within moments after my interview was scheduled to be over – that’s just how concerned she genuinely is. Its especially great when you’re searching for graduate or near-graduate opportunities, even more so as an international candidate, and its extremely reassuring to come across an established professional who actually puts so much effort into fresh grads – she was always available to talk me through what changes my CV needed, or what to expect in an interview, or just getting insight about the actuarial industry in general. She has been absolutely instrumental in my search for a great job – just the sheer number of interviews she managed to get me was quite something, and I really cannot thank her enough for all the effort that she put in with me – and I’m confident that if I’m ever looking for an opportunity again, Jenny’s the one I’ll go up to, as should anyone else looking for a role in the actuarial market. She certainly has my highest commendation!